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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Birthday Haul

So, the month of May was the month of my birthday! At the very beginning of the month in fact, and it was a very happy occasion with lovely weather and good food and I went to see The Avengers at the cinema, which was hilarious.

As any beauty girl does when it is her birthday and she receives some money, I decided to tick a couple of items off my wishlist. I could have gone crazy and picked a few more, but I stuck to these three because they were items I either really fancied or had wanted for a long time.


A few days after my birthday me and my Mum popped into Lincoln for me to go get fitted for a new pair of glasses (which will have their own post soon) and we popped into Boots and Debenhams. 

I had a gift card for Boots, and a points voucher to use up, so I bought my most expensive treat there, the Dior Rosy Glow blusher. This isn't my first piece of Dior makeup, as I have one of the Addict lipsticks, but it is the first big piece of Dior makeup I have ever bought. 
I had been after a fairly light cool pink shade of blush as my beloved MAC Blush of Youth Beauty Powder can be a right pain to try and use sometimes, and this product's ability to change to suit the wearer seemed like it might be a good one to try. 
The lady at the counter was lovely and explained how the product worked to me, warning me that as it changes colour that I should use it very sparingly in case it decided hot pink was the colour for me. I have been using it on more special occasions, as when I am in a rush I tend to just slap some colour on my cheeks and this requires a gentle patience. 
I tend to use the brush that came in the compact to actually apply the product, as I find it easier to build up the product in layers that way, and blend with my normal blush brush. The brush in the compact is really very nice, not that I should be surprised. It is soft and not too dense, the perfect size to sweep along my cheekbone too.
The colour this takes on me is a very bright but cool doll pink, which I actually quite like! I have to be careful, as the smallest amount too much can make me look fluorescent, but applied just right it looks fresh, youthful and pretty, exactly the look I tend to go for.

On the same day as I said we popped to Debenhams, where I had a £5 reward to use up. 
While Mum wandered over to the Radley handbags I spent a bit of time debating between the YSL, Clarins and Urban Decay counters. The Debenhams in Lincoln doesn't have the largest range of counters, but it had enough that I was able to tick another product off of my wishlist,
I have been after one of these for years purely because of the packaging, but knowing that the wear time isn't long I was always slightly put off. After a bit of swatching I decided to go with number 30, Faubourg Peach, which is a lovely pastel coral/peach. 
The formula, as expected is gorgeous, soft, pigmented and so so smooth. The wear time is also as I expected, not very good, but I reserve this again for special occasions so that it isn't wasted. It is quite easy to over apply this, and I prefer to almost dab it on, rather than swipe. It doesn't emphasise the lines in your lips if you apply it that way either, which is a huge bonus!
This should be a great shade for the summer, and I am so glad I picked it up.

Finally, a sneaky treat that I wasn't going to go for, but thought what the hell, threw caution to the wind and dashed into House of Fraser. I was actually there to try out the new Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact foundation, which I am still considering for when I have finished some of my other ones.
While I was being matched though I thought I would swatch the infamous Boy Rouge Coco Shine lipstick. I had originally planned to get Liberte in the Rouge Coco Shine formulation, but having just bought a peach from YSL, I thought a neutral would be the wiser choice. 
Just like everyone before me I fell for this shade immediately. It is beautiful. It matches the pigmentation of my lips perfectly and simply makes them look more groomed and neat.
As expected the formula is smooth and a little glossy, but it stays on for longer than expected at a couple of hours without eating or drinking. 
I seriously hope Chanel never discontinue that one, because I think it has become my new "posh" go-to lippy.

All in all I think I did well this year, I was restrained, but still treated myself. I think the decision to invest in higher end products has been very satisfying lately!

:) xo

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