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Monday 23 April 2012

World Book Night

First up, apologies for the lack of posts, I have 5 book reviews in the works but i've been a bit of a busy worker bee (actually being a librarian! Whoop!) and so haven't got around to writing them, but they are on the way.

Now the actual reason for this post:


Tonight is World Book Night, and all around the country thousands of volunteers are going to be giving away a million books, this is a pretty spectacular thing to be a part of, and I am giving away all of those books above in my local town of Gainsborough!

The book itself is Neil Gaiman (reviews of his awesome books American Gods and The Graveyard Book can already be found on this blog) and Terry Pratchett's (haven't read any of his yet, but have had The Colour of Magic on my shelf for ages) Good Omens, and will be one of the upcoming reviews.

I was hoping to have it read and reviewed ready for today, but unfortunately my shipment of books arrived last, and on a day I wasn't at work. Typical. I can say however that so far it is fabulous, and has already had me giggling into my cup of tea. The long and short of it is that it is about the apocalypse, from a hilarious perspective, if you've seen the film Dogma, and found it funny and or interesting, this is better.

If you live in Gainsborough, watch out for me wandering around the town, but if not there are thousands of givers out there, so I am sure will come across someone with some books to give away today, so grab a copy and get reading!


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