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Monday 24 October 2011

Roaccutane VLOG 13: 4 weeks later

During my crazy little filming session the other day I also managed to do a quick little roaccutane update. 
If you don't follow me on twitter you might have missed that I was finally discharged from the dermatology unit after seeing the doctor last tuesday.

Suffice to say I was ecstatic, and they were really pleased at the change my skin has undergone. 
I still have 4 weeks left of my "wash out" where the drug will still be working its way out of my system, but as of right now I am classed as a roaccutane success story.

I will still be keeping you updated on how things go, and I shall definitely be filming a concluding video for the little series.

I would just like to take a second before then though to encourage anyone who has ever been self conscious about their acne to at least go and see a GP, and if what they try doesn't work then to be asked to be referred to the dermatologist. At the end of the day, your happiness is the most important thing, and if your skin can make you unhappy every time you look in the mirror, then it is worth taking the time to get help.


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