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Tuesday 20 September 2011

NOTD: Orly all the rage?

Orly - Rage

So I mentioned this in my haul video, which I think went up yesterday, but I grabbed this polish from eBay the other week. I have been after it for a while, I love the whole Rose gold metallic thing at the moment.

When I first opened the package I thought 'ohhhh dear' as it looked very similar to GOSH Frou-Frou, but actually that one is much more pink, where as Rage has a very subtle peachiness to the gold.

I don't like the brush, but I never do unless it is OPI/Ciate so that is no surprise. The wear we will just have to wait an see, I have had this on my toes for a week with no top coat and it hasn't chipped yet, but I have only just popped it on my fingers.

Overall I am glad I got it because I had wanted it for so long, but it isn't as amazing as I thought it would be, maybe it will grow on me in time?


P.S. I'm posting on that there new blogger app on my phone, so have nooo idea how it will turn out!

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