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Wednesday 27 April 2011

Preparing For Project X Pan

So, if you don’t know, it is my birthday on Monday. I have decided that after I have gone on a little birthday haul I will be project pan-ing. 
My collection of beauty and cosmetics items is quite extensive, and I have been trying to use things up for a while, but I don’t have that driving factor which really makes me want to, so I hope that I now have a good enough reason. The week after my birthday I am going shopping and I am going to see how much Mulberry bags are at the factory shop in York, so I will have an amount of money to start saving towards. Cosmetics is one of my big expenditures so hopefully cutting down will bump that bag fund up a bit.
I tried this once before, just after christmas, and it lasted all of two weeks, so I am switching things up.
Instead of actually listing items I want gone, I am instead just going to use whatever I want until either 10 or 15 items are used up. This will probably still be items I want out of my collection, but I am not going to list them this time as it makes me want to rebel against my own rules! 
So, my rules:
1. I am only allowed to purchase a new item before the end of the Project Pan if it meets one of the following conditions: 
*Limited edition items, these might not come around again, and a project pan isn’t worth the regret, I will limit myself to the things I honestly and truly really want though.
*If i run out of a staple item, such as mascara, and have absolutely none of any kind left, I can get a replacement.
*Points cards rewards are allowed to be spent. I have Boots, Debenhams and Space.NK rewards cards with points on them at the moment, and they do expire so I don’t want to lose something I have earned. I can also put a bit of money towards these items, because I hardly ever find something I want from Debenhams for £5! BUT this is within reason obviously. Buying something that is £50 just to use a £5 off voucher is not ok, £20 down to £15 is better. 
2. The items must be used up completely, I cannot just ‘hit pan’ and deem that one done. I will also go out of my way to try and get the last bits out if I can, such as using a lip brush to get the last bits of a lipstick out. 
3. If I decide that there is no way in hell I am going to use something and decide to throw it away or give it away, that is ok because it is still removing it from my collection, but It wont count on my list.
4. Accessories and NAIL POLISH count as buying something, I am absolutely terrible with hauling nail polish and make up brushes, this neeeeeeds to stop, and is one of the main reasons I am doing this. So, no mad Sally’s hauls until I have used some stuff up :)
So, I shall be posting or filming my haul after my birthday (I want to pick up a few things, in particular some MAC) and then I shall be on a ban. 
I really do have a lot of stuff, so this shouldn’t be too difficult, wish me luck! 

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