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Sunday 13 February 2011

My little miracle worker.

So, I totally suck. The first week of the new semester at Uni just finished this weekend, and I have completely lost my pace with the reading thing. At the moment I have several books to blog and a couple of knits. I also have books to finish. I didn't manage to finish Q&A the other week, so I am behind. I am determined to bring it back though, and I shall tell you how.

I wouldn't be able to do it without this:

Blurring intentional, have to preserve the identities of professors etc.

My filofax. 
More specifically the to-do pages. I just compacted my three, yes THREE pages of partially checked to-do list into these two half pages, one for the blog and one for uni stuff. 

I have had such an insane couple of weeks, I really do wonder why on earth I decided to go to Library School when I am juggling so much, but it is all sorted now, my schedule is all set apart from one signature, (which is nice considering I discovered a week and a half ago that 2 of my modules were cancelled!) and I even managed to squish all my modules into two days, which means less traveling, less time in the vicinity of meadowhall and therefore, less spending money!

Over all it has been rather hectic and exhausting this past week, but hopefully from now on I will be a bit more on top of things. You never really realise how much of a waste of time traveling is until you have to do it several times a week. Time that I envisioned as being used to read books and knit is being taken over by reading fan fiction on my phone so that I don't have to carry other stuff around with me, or reading the journal I needed to for my 9am class. I am sure I wasn't this stressed last semester, but then I do have more work this time around. 

I also wanted to let you know that I dropped out of the HPKCHC this term, I simply have far too much going on, and I want to place more importance on my own personal challenges then ones set by others for the time being. I am still knitting, just very sporadically, and I am trying to finish projects that are already on my needles which as you may remember are quite large projects which take time and concentration. Before I decided to leave the challenge I did cast on and make some progress on my first ever sweater though so look out for that. (Another post I need to add to my list, AND I totally just remembered another blog post to add to my list too. So much to do so little time!)

Anyway so I just thought I would show you my pretty to-do pages which will be a mess by tomorrow lunch, just because I was proud of them, and let you know that I am hoping to be posting a bit more often soon as a couple of days a week I will actually be home when there is day light, and can take photos! 

If you want to keep more up to date with me, feel free to follow me on twitter, I am addicted to that thing. Be aware that I do tweet a lot about fashion and beauty though, which I know isn't to everyone's tastes. Same with my Tumblr, it is really easy for me to tumbl from my phone so there will probably be a few more updates there but that is again random stuff. Blogger really needs an iPhone app!!

I hope everyone is well!

P.S. Contemplating a blog item on how I use my Filofax, could be quite interesting, so look out for that too!

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