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Sunday 8 August 2010

Itty Bitty

Just a little post today as I haven't made much progress on anything, mainly because I have been out earning money. I did however get something through the post which is exciting!


As you can see I got an Ashford drop spindle, just the standard student size, and some fiber! I have spun up some neutral fiber and it was a bit all over the place as I was practicing but this purple seems to be going much more evenly so I am quite chuffed! I shall post a picture when it is all spun and I have learnt to ply it.
The kit, which includes 5 40g bits of dyed merino fiber, top whorl drop spindle and some instructions, was about £12 I think from eBay.


Another little thing I managed the other day was to go on a button haul, this is just over £20 worth of vintage buttons which I got from my local antiques centre in Hemswell. I love having a variety of buttons to choose from for projects and things so I am hoping these will be adorning some lovely garments in the future.

I also received a load of beads from Janette's Rare Yarns at the bargain price of £2.50 a bag, but they aren't very exciting, just plain clear seed beads. I got 4 bags because I was going to be sharing some, but I will be keeping them myself now and so I think I might just use them to make a shawl with my Yarn Addict silver lace yarn.

Hopefully over this month you will spot a few WIP's becoming FO's as I have joined the HPKCHC's,  over at Ravelry, Exploding Snap challenge, which is to basically get all of your WIP's finished before the new term starts in September! I have managed a few rows on a couple of my projects at the moment but I haven't managed anything drastic, I have the rest of today off from work though so I hope to get some more Marina done :)

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