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Wednesday 6 January 2010

Going on a treasure hunt...

Yesterday morning I was woken by a lovely sound, the doorbell, the postie was bringing me some packages! So I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, I couldn't find any keys, so annoying, I had to run upstairs and get them from my handbag, by the time I got downstairs the postie had gone. This is where my detective skills came into play, I could see footprints in the back garden. I sensed a hunt for my packages!

I went and put on my red wellies that I got for christmas and went out into the snow
The footsteps were leading down towards the path so I followed them

They went past the garage so on I went, I was sure they were heading for the greenhouse.

They were! However, there seemed to be some confusion and they went back on themselves, I tried the greenhouse door and it was frozen shut, 180 turn and following I go again

When I was passing the back of the garage I noticed these steps out of sync! The packages were under the table!!

I was far too excited then to take pictures so I just rescued the 3 packages and went back into the warm.

So what were they? Well the first came from a lovely website called Pure Purl. They have lots of the nicer brands of yarn that I find it difficult to find on many other websites. The package was wrapped so prettily I almost didn't want to undo it, but I did of course.

I just have to draw your focus to this for a second, it is a badge! It is safely pinned onto my coat at the moment :) Now to the yarn pron!
Malabrigo Sock, in Cote D'Azure. It is a gorgeous blue and I am thinking of turning it into Ysolda's Damson shawl but I think it will stay in the skein for a while because it is just so pretty!
Now package number 2, remember I kept slipping little hints about receiving a package from the US? Well I got this! It is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in Goody Goody, I absolutely ADORE the colours, I love pastels, and I am thinking of using it to make Bellatrix socks for my homework in HPKCHC.
Last but not least is some more knit pro needle tips, some fixed circulars, 2 crochet hooks for dropped stitches and some soak wash all from the lovely lady at P2tog. I nearly had the complete set after receiving these (more in my next post, later)
So after that haul I sat and appreciated my stash a little and my needles, and I got a bit creative and decided to sew something up, more in my next post which should be along shortly after this one :)

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