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Saturday 22 August 2009

First REAL post

So this is a bit late, as i have actually already started my first projects, but i shall try and keep up to date.
So this is my current project, the stripy scarf :)
Rather proud of this one, it's the first thing i have ever knitted and i have knitted at least a few stitches every day since i started it. I have had a little trouble finding the correct yarn for the cream stripes (I'm running out of my first lot) but i did buy some today from a great little shop called Tricot in my local town center. I also got to stroke some nice posh yarns that i would love to have, maybe when i get some more moneys i will treat myself :)
So here is the scarf so far:

As of about half an hour ago. It is for my lovely manfriend, John, who likes green, (the dark bit IS green, it looks darker on here though) not sure he will like the cream, as it does resemble a football scarf, and he isn't really into football, I'm sure he will tell me when he sees it in person for the first time tomorrow :D

This one was the first day i started the scarf, not the first time i had done knit stitch, but the first time i had done purling, there are a few mistakes, but i decided that they add to the character, after all its important it looks hand made :)

This was after i had learnt to put in the second colour, was rather proud, was really just showing the future owner how it was going, i think it was about 22 cm long at this point, had a long way to go!!

Even longer here, thats me poking round the work, looking awful as this was at about 1 am when knitting addiction had really struck, i couldn't put it down, shortly after taking this picture i think i leant on my needles and disaster struck! One of them had snapped! My nice Cath Kidston ones!! Super glue came to the rescue though thankfully and knitting could continue.

Here it is a few days ago, before i went to Windemere, it was about 60cm long then, I'm not sure how long I'm actually going to make it, i might just keep knitting until christmas, if i get bored of just doing this one i have started another project to keep me busy (more in the next post). John is quite tall, so although i know most mens scarf patterns say that it should be quite short for a man i quite like the idea of it being reallllly long, able to wrap around lots of times, and as its quite wide it would be super warm, perfect for after he's been a complete maniac and jumped in the irish sea.
I shall update as soon as it gets a bit longer :)

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